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Death to the “Death Tax”

The Death Tax is a product of the politics of envy and notions of wealth redistribution. As a killer of economic and job growth, the Death Tax deserves a speedy execution. Its confiscatory nature amounts to a government grab of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Tax Hikes Threaten Middle Class Family Advancement

I worked for several years in my first wife’s family business started by her father. It was an enterprise that spanned generations, as all his children were involved in running the operation. The left’s idea of inheritance is that there is no connection between…

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Obama’s Science Czar Wants Self-driving Automobile Mandates to Further Agenda 21

Driverless cars will sacrifice freedom in place of vague sustainability. Clear evidence has emerged over the past few years that man does not cause global warming – which is why the environmentalists sneakily changed the phrase to “climate change” – yet these radical policies are still being adopted at great economic cost to taxpayers, both through taxes and rising personal expenses.

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