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Torries and Scottish Nationalists Rout Opponents in UK General Election

Though Labour and the LibDems have often worked well with the SNP inside Scottish politics, when it came to deciding the fate of the Union, Labour and the LibDems joined the right-wing in advocating for preservation of the Union, which may have cost them dearly. Now that the union is preserved, they have been effectively “punished” for their position on Scottish independence. The LibDems also got a shellacking by losing 47 seats and holding on to a mere eight, with party leader Nick Clegg resigning his post. Continue reading

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Is Putin ‘the’ Big Winner in EuroElections?

Both the French National Front and the UK Independence Party were big winners with 26% (25 seats) and 29% (24 seats) respectively. “The people have spoken loud and clear,” exclaimed Marine Le Pen. “They no longer want to be led by those outside our borders, by EU commissioners and technocrats who are unelected. They want to be protected from globalization and take back the reins of their destiny,”… Continue reading

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