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Texas Tracks Drivers To Data Mine Without Their Consent

The revelation that a consultant hired by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) used a Bluetooth reader to secretly collect trip origination and destination data from unsuspecting travelers didn’t come to light in time for a bill to be filed in the Texas legislature that concluded its 84th session on June 1. But look for legislation at the earliest opportunity to protect Texans from such an infringement of their individual rights. In the meantime, the citizen groups insist TxDOT should voluntarily cease and desist. Continue reading

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Texas Hill Country Landowners Prevail Over Developer in Property Rights Court Case, Face Legislative Battle

The Grahams have fought back by filing a motion to dissolve the Johnson Ranch Municipal Utility District (JRMUD) on the grounds it does not nor has ever had any legally serving directors and that it is not fulfilling the function for which it was created – to protect the natural resources of the State of Texas. The family contends the JRMUD is nothing more than the alter ego of the Johnson Ranch developer, David Hill Johnson Brothers (DHJB), that’s being used to drain the Grahams dry with endless legal fees, using the power of government to do it.

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Texas downgrades foreign-owned toll road to junk bond status

Hate to say it, but we told you so.

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Protecting rural Texans’ water or feeding urban developers’ pet projects?

Have you ever had a kid ask for seconds during a meal before he’s even finished what’s on his plate? Well, that’s what the Texas legislature is asking of voters on November 5. Lawmakers want Texans to pass a constitutional amendment, Proposition 6, to approve more funding for water projects. A similar measure narrowly passed in November 2011 for a $6 billion revolving fund to loan money to local government entities for water infrastructure, outside constitutional debt limitations.

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Texas legislature kills pro-property rights bills

A slate of pro-property rights bills died in the 83rd regular session of the Texas legislature that ended on Memorial Day. Texas politicians love to tout their property rights credentials at election time, but when lawmakers are in session, they’ve yet to give meaningful protection to landowners in several key areas when it comes time to cast a vote.

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Gateway to globalization: Texas toll roads, reinvestment zones and trade corridors

Despite high hopes that lawmakers would address the chronic road funding shortfall at the outset of the 83rd session of the Texas legislature, Texas taxpayers only saw $534 million of $1.2 billion in diversions of gas tax revenues returned to roads (for the next two years) with a reliance on more toll roads to fill the remaining $4 billion annual funding gap. That’s only one-eighth of the money needed.

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