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Moving from Tax Cuts to Fiscal Reform

Any discussion of fiscal reform must start with a truth that is seldom heard. The purpose of taxation is to generate the revenue needed to pay the government’s bills. In the face of rising deficits, even in good times (leaving … Continue reading

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America’s Merchant Marine in peril

President Obama’s sequester brain child became Danny Werfel’s responsibility to parcel out budget cuts among the federal agencies. As controller of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Werfel has been until recently what could be called the CFO for the United States of America.

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Was the Obama Administration’s Furlough of Air Traffic Controllers Necessary?

In the midst of the federal “sequester” spending cuts last month, was the Obama Administration’s furlough of air traffic controllers really necessary? Some politicians insist that they were, but here are four facts that lead to a resounding “NO.”

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Sequester prompts Texas governor to take over municipal airports

It sounds like something you’d hear on April Fools’ Day, but in Texas, Governor Rick Perry and his highway department are quite serious.

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