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Is Ted Cruz the New Champion of the Flat Tax?

Cruz is wise to champion a flat tax early on in the presidential race for the White House, it may be enough to tip some undecided Republicans over to him, especially non-social conservatives who have not yet warmed up to him. He has a long history of advocating for a flat tax. And if he does become president, Cruz is the aggressive, gutsy type of leader who will make it happen. Continue reading

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The Obama Administration’s Mishandling of the Ebola Threat

As the Ebola outbreak reeks havoc around the world it also threatens the U.S. In the face of such a dangerous disease, it is only natural that American citizens should be afraid for their safety and would want to know what exactly the Obama administration is doing to keep them safe.

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Senator Cruz rallies against Christian persecution, calls for the release of Meriam Ibrahim from Sudan

Under Sudan’s Islamic Shari’a law, marriage to a Christian is considered invalid and a child who is considered Muslim cannot be raised by a Christian.

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