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Exodus: The ‘March for Berlin’ and the Future of Democracy in Europe

There is legitimate concern over the possibility of sowing the seeds for a majority Muslim Europe. The fact that the continent has been and is still predominantly Christian, is not what ultimately draws apprehension. The truth is that, even if the majority Muslim Europe prediction does not become a reality by 2050, as some have estimated it will, if migration keeps going at this rate, it will eventually become a fact, perhaps during the lifetime of the millennial generation’s children. Continue reading

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Beyond Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Testing the Resilience of the West

The EU’s recent history has allowed for easy migration over its nation’s borders. If, along with innocent war victims, the doors are also opened to those whose views pose a threat to the continent’s security, this is not a solution. It has been happening for years already, and, although some fear this migratory wave could be a well disguised Trojan horse, who is to say the gates of Troy have not already been forced open by steady and continuous integration of extremely differing worldviews? Continue reading

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The Current Refugee Crisis in Europe

Many people in Europe are asking what will happen if tens of millions of foreign refugees flood the continent? There are already a number of Muslim enclaves in Western Europe and most Muslims do not assimilate to the European culture. In fact, they challenge the European authorities by demanding the application of their own laws and customs. How much longer will Europe survive culturally and politically under such pressure? Continue reading

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The Eurasian Customs Union expands

The realization of Vladimir Putin’s “Eurasianist” agenda of reasserting Russian hegemony over the former Soviet Bloc has just scored a significant success. On May 31, the Central Asian post-Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU) — consisting of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan—while Ukraine acquired observer status in the Kremlin-dominated body. This article will focus on the latter country.

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