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Russian Petroleum: Partnerships and Influence

In a world in which the calculus of power is increasingly complex, the only element of power that clearly serves Russian interest is energy resources. While Putin has done much to restore his country’s military capacity, its raw materials have … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe: An Area Divided and Exposed to Russian Threats

Russia’s influence over Hungary recently manifested itself when Budapest opposed Romania’s admission to several Western European multilateral organizations. For example, this September Hungary opposed the integration of Romania in the European Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD). Obviously, Moscow … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Foreign Policy: The Case of Eastern Europe

“I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization.… Today, the … Continue reading

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Trump Hosts Romania’s President, Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis’ White House visit was reassuring for those Eastern European NATO countries that feel threatened by Russia. For the Western European leaders, the message sent by President Trump was that they must meet the 2% of GDP annual payment for … Continue reading

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Moldova: Between Russia and the West

While Moscow is supporting European nationalism, the United States continues to embrace the process of globalization, multiculturalism and internationalism. A war for the hearts and minds of Europe is already ongoing. The new Trump administration will have to act very … Continue reading

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Romania and the EU in 2017: The Case for a Backup Plan

In the UK, Brexit took the establishment completely by surprise; polls showed “Remain” winning. No matter what the future holds, isn’t it better for a country and its people to prepare for a crisis and have a backup plan rather … Continue reading

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Fixing a U.S. Diplomatic Gaffe: Protests in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Historically, Moldovans are Romanians and their aspiration is to reunite with Romania. From a Romanian point of view, reunification is natural and imminent, although its timing may require some patience. It is feared, however, if they do not reunite with … Continue reading

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The Mosque in Bucharest: Interfaith Harmony or Political Strategy?

While the Turkish mosque, “mega” or not, coming to Bucharest might not prove to be the beginning of tumultuous relations between Christians and Muslims in the country, questions still remain as to why Romania has not even been offered the reciprocal courtesy of building an Orthodox church in Istanbul, if this is indeed to be viewed as establishing strong interfaith relations between the two countries. There is also the lingering issue of whether or not it would be foolish of Romanian authorities to ignore the possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood Islamization agenda, especially in light of the bloody jihadist attacks taking place throughout the West. Continue reading

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Globalization and National Identity: The Case of Romania

In the end, Romania needs to see itself for what is, a blending of East and West, a traditional Christian Orthodox society, which has a strong national identity and a rich, beautiful history. Instead of following the examples of those … Continue reading

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Russia’s Opposition to U.S. Missile Defense in Romania

Moscow’s disinformation campaign is a form of psychological warfare intended to influence Romanian public opinion and ultimately government policy. Such PSYOPS are targeted squarely at Romania’s membership in NATO and the European Union, intertwining the factual with the fabricated, hoping to cause great anxiety among the populace. The narrative goes something like this: The West won the Cold War with the sacrifices of the East European patriots and nationalists. The God-fearing nationalists, however, were excluded from sharing in the fruits of the victory. Instead, the Godless internationalists are preferred by America and the West. In this way, Russia is trying now to turn the tables and attract those who perceive themselves abandoned by the West. Continue reading

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A Little Publicized Meeting Took Place in Romania

The atmosphere of the Siania, Romania meeting was festive, and the event was apparently well-orchestrated. However, the main topic of the conference was both anti-West and anti-European Union. In her speech, for example, Marine Le Pen assured Romania that the country would be better off if it left the EU, which she described as ‘a drifting ship without a compass,’ and ‘a total failure.’ Le Pen questioned the EU’s future, calling it ‘a threat to its inhabitants.’ Instead, she proposed a Union ‘from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains’… a Europe that would also include Russia. Continue reading

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Europe’s New Challenge: Wake Up or Break Apart!

The former West European communists of the fifties and sixties are posing as socialists these days and are largely in charge of the EU. The former communist parties of Eastern Europe changed their names and now pose as socialists. Together they act as comrades in arms and appear prone to build another ‘utopian Marxist society.’ What the Soviet Union did not achieve through sheer brutality is being achieved now with kid gloves by the new authorities in Brussels. As of now no East European country has decided to leave the EU, but the seeds of discontent have been sown. Continue reading

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Squeezing the Buffer Zone between NATO and Russia

According to confidential sources leaked to the media, Russia is currently consolidating its military forces in Transdniestria. The Bucharest TV station Realitatea announced that Russia modernized, militarized, and expanded the Tiraspol Airport. Tiraspol is the capital of this republic. The landing strip of the airport was lengthened to 2,500 meters to accommodate big military planes while many new military barracks were built in the area. Continue reading

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Facing a Crucial Election Year: Will Traditional Values Survive?

America of anno domini 2016, a year of crucial elections, is at a historic crossroad. The society at large and its political leaders are divided and polarized as never before. Will the upcoming presidential election be an attempt at returning to traditional values, or a fall into the socialist abyss guarded by the left’s dogma of political correctness ending forever Reverend Franklin Graham’s American dream? The day of reckoning is upon us. Continue reading

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America and the Process of Globalization

It appears that the biggest socio-political division of our time is no longer between rightist and leftist political trends, as it was during the Cold War era. It is between nationalism and greater globalization. Washington is caught between a shift from managed international economics and trade and the new patriotic nationalism at home. Continue reading

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Waiting for Russia’s Next Move in Southeast Europe

Today’s Russia is still looking over its western borders and is luring some European countries. Greece, for example, is strongly dissatisfied with the European Union and went to Moscow for assistance. Serbia has just been visited by Russia’s foreign minister and is inclined toward Russia. Macedonia is following suit. Hungary is upset with the EU policies and is now befriending Moscow. Slovakia is tilting toward Russia, while the Czech Republic is caught between East and West. Only Poland, Romania, and the Baltic states are standing fast by NATO and America. Continue reading

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Romanians’ take on the elections in Moldova: The front line of the EU-Russia struggle for supremacy

The recent Moldovan parliamentary elections have proven that the fight for power between Russia and the West is slowly but surely intensifying. While the Moldovan people’s votes seem to have inclined towards the pro-EU parties, the preference was only a minor one, with pro-Russian parties obtaining only slightly less votes than their opponents. “No party appears able to form a government, although, after a partial count, the three pro-EU parties do have a narrow lead over their pro-Moscow rivals,” Euro News reported on December 1, the day after the election.

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A New Romanian President

On November 16, at the second round of elections, Romania elected the first truly non-communist president since the fall of Ceausescu in 1989. Klaus Iohannis is a 55 year-old man who has been the mayor of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu since 2000. The election was hotly disputed and many voters were skeptical. They thought that the former communists, still in power, would not allow his victory. There were poll irregularities, some abuses, and many obstacles against the Romanians who work abroad and who vote constantly against the communists. Yet, this time the people put their foot down and voted for a true democracy.

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Ukraine: American Illusions and Russian Delusions

To further intimidate Kyiv, Vladimir Jirinovsky, chief of Russia’s communist party and a member of parliament, reminded Ukraine that it has inherited lands belonging to its neighbors, including Romanian lands. And he alluded to the possible further dismemberment of Ukraine. While annexing Crimea, President Putin assured Kyiv that Moscow would react severely if Romania dares to make a territorial claim.

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The war in Syria: Building upon the sand?

In Syria, the endemic conflict that lays siege to Christianity, where it once stood as a partner of Assad’s strategic minority rule, consumes the region. At the advent of the Arab Spring, anti-government violence was ignited into a nationwide uprising that has not abated since 2011.

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EU enlargement, Russia and U.S. policy

On November 27 and 28 representatives of the European Union will meet in Vilnius, Lithuania, to discuss the prospects of expanding its borders eastward. The enlargement will also bring with it the expansion of NATO, which makes Russia jittery and compels the United States to take a stand.

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The new Russian periphery in Europe: Azerbaijan and U.S. policy

The new periphery of Russia in Europe consists of the Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Moldova, and the South Caucasus republics of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union this so-called “near abroad” has constituted a bone of contention between Russia and the West.

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The United States and Romania: Security Arrangements and Mutual Interests

STRATFOR is a professional electronic publication that deals with geopolitical issues and global intelligence. Its founder and chairman, George Friedman, is well-informed and aware of contemporary Eastern European affairs.

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