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Turkey, Christian Discrimination, and Church Pacifist Disarmament

In Christian churches throughout the world, special collections could gather funds to be used for the purchase of personal firearms and ammunition and the distribution of them to worthy people in need of defense for life, liberty, and property. This … Continue reading

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Religious Cleansing: The Mass Abduction of Nigerian School Girls

On May 13 the Washington-based Hudson Institute presented a panel titled ‘A Survivor’s Account of Boko Haram’s Religious Cleansing in Nigeria’ featuring Deborah Peters a teenage girl whose father, a pastor, and her brother were killed by the terrorist group in 2011. The Hudson panel discussion revealed that “Since 2011, Boko Haram attacks have killed over 1,000 Nigerian Christians, and bombed, torched, or otherwise destroyed scores of Christian churches, villages, and homes.”

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