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Marxism’s Failure Tripped the USSR

Why did the conservative and traditionalist anti-Communists share this firm conviction on the inevitability of Marxism’s failure? For most, Marxism is a materialist political philosophy championing socialism and egalitarianism. For many conservatives, however, Catholics in particular, Marxism is simply an … Continue reading

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Russia’s Deception and Denial Machine

The main narrative of post-Communism is that the Russian Federation is unique and, therefore, its system is neither of the West nor of the East. Instead, it is sui generis: a “sovereign democracy,” which in reality is a cover for … Continue reading

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The Czech Soap Opera

A combination of corruption and old fashioned post-KGB active measures ushered in a serious government crisis in the Czech Republic. Whether engineered by the post-Communists or brought about by rightist hubris, or both, the crisis continues to fester and may lead to early elections.

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A former anti-communist dissident and the “clash of civilizations” in Poland

On November 23, 2012, in a grave miscarriage of justice, Polish parliamentarian and opposition politician, Antoni Macierewicz, was by a post-communist/left-liberal coalition in Poland’s lower chamber. What terrible offense did Mr. Macierewicz commit to warrant such punishment?

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