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Brexistential Crisis

Any sort of future relationship where the UK closely follows the EU’s single market and customs union rules, despite not being a formal member of either, is frankly worse than staying a member. It would prevent Britain from signing free … Continue reading

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An Election to Change the Course of History

Perhaps Sturgeon’s bloody mindedness and political myopia will be her own downfall. To her, the primary narrative for a second ballot has been that Brexit is entirely against Scotland’s democratic wishes, as Scotland voted by a significant margin to remain. … Continue reading

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How does a Union leave a Union?

The principle clamor from each devolved country’s Nationalists is to remain in the Single Market, essentially a false dichotomy and surely off the table, thus moving the narrative closer towards a second Scottish referendum. May doesn’t appear willing to give way, and Sturgeon’s majority is such that she has almost absolute power in Scotland. I wonder now whether the imperative ‘leave’, from Catalonia to Cardiff to California is an even more attractive concept, in a new digitized, global era Continue reading

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