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NFL: It’s “Taking Back Our Taxes” Time!

Sean Hannity focused on the numbers pointing out, “the average public subsidy for a NFL stadium is $266 million taxpayer dollars. Since the year 2000, it is estimated $3.2 billion in federal taxpayer money has gone to help build private … Continue reading

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Stunning Surprise Looms in German Election: Nationalist Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) Headed for Big Finish

A just-completed “Deutschland Trend” poll by ARD (German Radio) showed the CDU-CSU leading the SPD in seats for the Bundestag by a striking margin of 37% to 21%. If accurate, this means that the SPD – considered one of the … Continue reading

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Europe’s New Challenge: Wake Up or Break Apart!

The former West European communists of the fifties and sixties are posing as socialists these days and are largely in charge of the EU. The former communist parties of Eastern Europe changed their names and now pose as socialists. Together they act as comrades in arms and appear prone to build another ‘utopian Marxist society.’ What the Soviet Union did not achieve through sheer brutality is being achieved now with kid gloves by the new authorities in Brussels. As of now no East European country has decided to leave the EU, but the seeds of discontent have been sown. Continue reading

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