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Enoch Powell: The Man Who Would Have Been Prime Minister

I feel if Enoch Powell hadn’t given the speech on that fateful day, British politics could well have unravelled in a dramatically different way. We may not have joined the Common Market and remained an independent self-governing nation, carrying on … Continue reading

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Marxism’s Failure Tripped the USSR

Why did the conservative and traditionalist anti-Communists share this firm conviction on the inevitability of Marxism’s failure? For most, Marxism is a materialist political philosophy championing socialism and egalitarianism. For many conservatives, however, Catholics in particular, Marxism is simply an … Continue reading

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Major’s Major Mistakes

The man responsible for putting pen to paper over the infamous Maastricht Treaty in 1992 tried to tell the country that they were the ones who had been wrong to back Brexit. John Major, part of the crack team of … Continue reading

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Is Fillon the “French Thatcher,” Or France’s Kasich Battling the “Le Pen Trumpette?”

In the late 1970s, conservatives agreed that all but one of the major Western democracies had a right-of-center leader: the U.S. had Reagan, the U.K. Thatcher, and West Germany (before it was unified with the East) Franz-Josef Strauss of Bavaria, … Continue reading

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Even With “Boris and the Brexiters,” May’s Cabinet is Mixed Bag for the Right

“Brexit is Brexit,” declared May in spelling out her position to execute the will of the voters in wanting to leave the European Union. Certainly her tapping of Johnson, Fox, Davis and several others are strong signs she means it and will act accordingly. But whether May goes on to become another Margaret Thatcher is a saga that is yet to be written. Continue reading

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GOP Foreign Policy Platform: “Back to the Future”

“The way in which party platforms are written is very, very ambiguous. I respect Pat Buchanan’s position, but the world is changing. Trotsky once said, ‘you may not like war, but war likes you.’ It is a very difficult and dangerous world and no platform today can determine what a President will face in the future and how he must respond.” – Herb London, president of the London Center for Policy Research Continue reading

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Brexit: Charlemagne vs. ‘Rule Britannia!’

What Brexit makes clear is that the British want their country back. They believe their beloved and ingrained notion of ‘Britishness’ being threatened in Europe elicited reactions from those who have had enough of the ruling class dictating the terms of success, power, and control. Continue reading

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Remembering the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Baroness Margaret Thatcher, amidst rain and sunshine in London, died on April 8, 2013 at 87 years of age. Even her last day in the United Kingdom was symbolic; Europe, emerging out of a long, tiring, and restlessly cold winter, parallels the political climate in which Thatcher completed her tenure as Prime Minister.

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Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: Echoes of Clear and Principled Messages

Modern politics is often fought on the battlefield of the 19 inch or the 50 inch screen with grim bursts of image artillery directed by experts and consultants. But for all the experts and consultants, it is the ability of the politician to communicate what he feels and believes is true that trumps everything else.

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