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The Closing of the Presidential Mind – Part 3: Unveiled Ignorance – ObamaCare and its Roots

President Barack Obama’s most famous policy initiative has proved to be, arguably, his most divisive and politically damaging. ObamaCare has become at once his calling card for a high rating from liberal historians and a political albatross. As the impracticality of the system has met with the reality of consumers’ everyday needs, the administration has been forced to change the rules governing the nation’s health-care system seemingly every day. The legality of these edicts has been questionable at best; they ensure that the health-care sector, one-sixth of the nation’s economy, is governed by the daily caprice of the nation’s chief executive.

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Is the Obama administration corrupting the U.S. Census to save ObamaCare?

The Obama administration has made major changes in a U.S. census survey, the Current Population Survey (CPS), so that it will make ObamaCare look better on the critical question of whether it is reducing the number of uninsured Americans. A New York Times report last week kicked off the latest controversy over how the Obama administration will do everything it can to save the controversial program including manipulating the numbers.

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IRS abuse of power and the re-election of the president

Should anyone doubt the purpose of these recent revelations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted conservative Tea Party and patriotic grassroots groups such as the Glenn Beck inspired 9/12 groups seeking tax-exempt status from the government? Cast all skepticism aside. Be advised there was a single purpose to this act of unmitigated government tyranny…

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