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Is Fillon the “French Thatcher,” Or France’s Kasich Battling the “Le Pen Trumpette?”

In the late 1970s, conservatives agreed that all but one of the major Western democracies had a right-of-center leader: the U.S. had Reagan, the U.K. Thatcher, and West Germany (before it was unified with the East) Franz-Josef Strauss of Bavaria, … Continue reading

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Trump Affirms his Support for Israel

The larger question is whether Donald Trump accomplished what he intended. Will he draw a majority of the Jewish vote? Probably not, but based on the applause at the Verizon sports arena, even if he only moved the bar among a wider audience from “Trump is the worst ever” to “Trump isn’t as bad as feared,” he’ll have overcome significant resistance, as he moves toward the Republican nomination. A few more points in each upcoming primary can tip the balance in his favor. Some of his statements will increase Leftist opposition, but the more-strident the protests, the more support Trump gains. Continue reading

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The Tempting of Republican Governors

If anything has united Republicans and the conservative movement in recent years, it has been their staunch opposition to so”called Obamacare, the chief policy initiative of President Barack Obama. Formally known as the Affordable Care Act, this sweeping overhaul of America’s health”care system galvanized conservative activists…

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