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The Tax-Mess Rejiggerment Act of 2018 and the Promise Made to Sell It

Taxpayers are uneasy about the end product; therefore, the bold promise (also made with the Brady-Ryan “Better Way” Plan) that the income tax will be so simplified that the average taxpayer will only have a postcard-like tax return to file. … Continue reading

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The Washington Corruption that is the ‘Swamp’

Republicans say the decision to keep Obama’s guy, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and protect Lois Learner, the IRS official at the center of the scandal over targeting Tea Party groups, demonstrates the corruption that characterizes the nature of the swamp. … Continue reading

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Why Income Tax Reform Is So Difficult

Ask yourself: Why can’t the income tax be made as simple and compliance easy as paying the federal motor-fuel tax? The motor-fuel tax does not require personal motorist tax returns to be filed to collect the tax, nor are there … Continue reading

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Person Taxation: The Root of the Income Tax Mess

Taxing all income the same opens the door to a far-reaching revolutionary reform. Under the single-rate FreedomTax, the tax will be levied, collected, and paid at the source of payment in the case of many forms of income – dividends, … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled by the “Flat-Tax” Reform Plans and their Promise of a Postcard-Tax Return

The FreedomTax would have a design structure freeing most Americans from ever having to file a tax return again, not even a postcard. In most cases, the income tax would be collected at the source of payment. It would substantially reduce income-tax compliance burdens. It would end the present tax system’s drag on the economy and on job and wage growth. It would save the Treasury billions in tax administration costs, and the IRS would be massively downsized into a little-noticed ministerial tax-collection agency. Continue reading

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Finding the Road to Real Income Tax Reform

As a tax reform proposal, the FreedomTax is revolutionary. It’s more than just a proposal to clean up a tax mess. It would overturn and junk the two pillars of the establishment’s system of taxation, replacing that system in its entirety with a true income tax. This new tax would be a 10% flat tax on all income, taxing all income the same so that all income would bear its fair share of the income tax burden. The FreedomTax would dethrone the IRS, transforming it into a mere ministerial agency charged with the benign task of administering a greatly simplified income tax and tax-neutral much like the motor-vehicle fuel tax. Continue reading

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IRS Gains Power to Revoke Passports for Failure to Pay Taxes

The recently passed federal highway bill, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or the FAST Act, creates a new section of the U.S. tax code, 7345, entitled, “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Tax Delinquencies.” No matter how you look at the two IRS power grabs, it spells trouble for the taxpayer. Whether you’ll become a prisoner in your own country by being denied a passport, or harassed by unethical and ruthless IRS sanctioned private debt collectors to settle an alleged tax debt, the Republican leadership in Congress delivered this anti-liberty, big government reality to your doorstep after voters gave them the keys to the Capitol to do just the opposite. Continue reading

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Congress Passes Highway Bill, Continues to Divert Money Away From Roads

The Highway Trust Fund is supposed to be a dedicated fund to highways only, but with the continued diversion of road funds for non-road purposes and Congress’ penchant for raiding other parts of the federal budget to shore-up the trust fund, even passage of this 5-year alleged highway bill leaves little to celebrate for either taxpayers or transportation special interests. With so many goodies and discretionary programs, it was hard for members of Congress to resist approving the bill, despite the lack of sustainable funding or the albatross of the Ex-Im Bank. But Republicans in particular face a backlash for support of the bill after failing to live up to its promises for reform and ending the crony capitalist stranglehold on Washington D.C. Continue reading

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What Distinguishes the Freedom Tax from the Fair Tax?

The Fair Tax does not really abolish the IRS. BUT, the FreedomTax would achieve this goal for nearly everyone. As a simple, tax-efficient income tax providing for the at-source taxation of most income, the FreedomTax would end the universal personal-return filing requirement. This reform will result in most people never again having to file a personal tax return to pay their personal tax to the IRS. The FreedomTax will result in a dramatic down-sizing of the IRS, effectively abolishing it from our lives. Continue reading

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Would the Freedom Tax Abolish the IRS?

The IRS now requires nearly 95,000 employees and an annual operating budget of almost $13 billion to administer a taxation system having a design based upon over 77,000 pages and 5 million words of incomprehensible tax law. The FreedomTax would have a simple and less-burdensome tax design, estimated to reduce the size of the present Tax Code by 95%. Continue reading

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The Fair Tax — “Be Careful What You Wish For”

A new agency would be created to administer and oversee the Fair Tax, the Sales Tax Bureau (“STB”). It would be vested with audit and collection powers similar to those of the IRS, as would the state sales-tax authorities working with the STB to run the system. The Fair Tax bills introduced in Congress contain provisions to establish a toll-free telephone violation-reporting system and create a rewards program for private parties who assist the STB authorities in discovering or prosecuting Fair Tax evaders. Continue reading

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Is Ted Cruz the New Champion of the Flat Tax?

Cruz is wise to champion a flat tax early on in the presidential race for the White House, it may be enough to tip some undecided Republicans over to him, especially non-social conservatives who have not yet warmed up to him. He has a long history of advocating for a flat tax. And if he does become president, Cruz is the aggressive, gutsy type of leader who will make it happen. Continue reading

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Obama’s Science Czar Wants Self-driving Automobile Mandates to Further Agenda 21

Driverless cars will sacrifice freedom in place of vague sustainability. Clear evidence has emerged over the past few years that man does not cause global warming – which is why the environmentalists sneakily changed the phrase to “climate change” – yet these radical policies are still being adopted at great economic cost to taxpayers, both through taxes and rising personal expenses.

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The IRS Tax Refund Mill for Illegals

Since the imposition of the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), whereby individuals residing within the borders of the United States, yet ineligible to receive Social Security Numbers have been able to file tax returns, widespread fraud has gone unabated. This according to the 2012 report (Reference Number: 2012-42-081) issued by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

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America’s Merchant Marine in peril

President Obama’s sequester brain child became Danny Werfel’s responsibility to parcel out budget cuts among the federal agencies. As controller of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Werfel has been until recently what could be called the CFO for the United States of America.

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IRS abuse of power and the re-election of the president

Should anyone doubt the purpose of these recent revelations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted conservative Tea Party and patriotic grassroots groups such as the Glenn Beck inspired 9/12 groups seeking tax-exempt status from the government? Cast all skepticism aside. Be advised there was a single purpose to this act of unmitigated government tyranny…

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