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Eastern Europe: An Area Divided and Exposed to Russian Threats

Russia’s influence over Hungary recently manifested itself when Budapest opposed Romania’s admission to several Western European multilateral organizations. For example, this September Hungary opposed the integration of Romania in the European Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD). Obviously, Moscow … Continue reading

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Reviving the V4 alternative in Central Europe

Many Western Europeans ask: Why antagonize Moscow, thereby sacrificing comfort and relatively cheap natural gas, by defending second-class Europeans? But the answer is that, together, the V4 countries have 64 million inhabitants, which puts them in the same ranks as … Continue reading

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Europe’s New Challenge: Wake Up or Break Apart!

The former West European communists of the fifties and sixties are posing as socialists these days and are largely in charge of the EU. The former communist parties of Eastern Europe changed their names and now pose as socialists. Together they act as comrades in arms and appear prone to build another ‘utopian Marxist society.’ What the Soviet Union did not achieve through sheer brutality is being achieved now with kid gloves by the new authorities in Brussels. As of now no East European country has decided to leave the EU, but the seeds of discontent have been sown. Continue reading

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The Rising Tide of Third World Refugees and the Plight of NATO’s Southeastern Flank

The Hungarians and others argue that for economic and cultural reasons they simply cannot accommodate the new comers. The Magyars refuse to succumb to the social engineering schemes of Brussels and prefer their country just the way it is. We should watch the European debate very carefully because it also concerns our own problems on America’s southern border. It is not Nazism to wish to protect the nation’s frontier and to uphold its cultural essence. Patriots defend their countries from all enemies: foreign and domestic. Continue reading

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