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The Dictatorship Remains Intact with a New President in Cuba

Even with a new president, the Castro clan appears to have a firm grip on power well into the future. A real transition will begin when the Cuban people are able to choose their own leaders in open, free, and … Continue reading

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In Recognition of America’s Contributions to Humanity

The role of the American people in helping those in need around the world cannot be denied. Any time we hear of a devastating earthquake, a killer tsunami, deadly famines, war, or other natural or human-made disasters which turn people … Continue reading

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Will Kerry Keep U.S. Sanctions on Cuba?

In his November 18 speech at the Organization of American States, Secretary John Kerry failed to make a compelling case for keeping U.S. sanctions on Cuba. While correctly pointing out that the Monroe Doctrine is no longer valid, Secretary Kerry insisted that “people-to-people” travel, the visits by Americans under U.S. license to Cuba, is having an impact in penetrating the Communist system.

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Obama’s Dangerous Nomination of Samantha Power

With the nomination of Samantha Power as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations replacing the infamous Susan Rice, Barack Obama has filled out his second term foreign policy team, and it isn’t pretty. With the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, to that of John Kerry as Secretary of State, the Obama administration has unsurprisingly failed to appoint a responsible foreign policy team that is willing to promote strong American interests in the Middle East.

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