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Real Income Tax Reform Is Not About Inventing a Better Mouse Trap

The Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) proposed by Congress is intended to change how business income is taxed giving it features of a Value-Added-Tax (VAT), a cash-flow tax, and a consumption tax. The idea is to make the corporate income tax function as a quasi-VAT and less as an income tax on the earnings of U.S. producers. Clearly, violative of free trade principles affecting the U.S., the practice should be made the subject for U.S. trade re-negotiation, a challenge fully backed by the new Administration. This is a fair trade problem, not a problem about income taxation. The BAT “solution” makes for new problems. On several fronts, a BAT for the U.S. is likely to make matters worse. The driving force behind the BAT is the expectation that it will generate considerable tax revenue… Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled by the “Flat-Tax” Reform Plans and their Promise of a Postcard-Tax Return

The FreedomTax would have a design structure freeing most Americans from ever having to file a tax return again, not even a postcard. In most cases, the income tax would be collected at the source of payment. It would substantially reduce income-tax compliance burdens. It would end the present tax system’s drag on the economy and on job and wage growth. It would save the Treasury billions in tax administration costs, and the IRS would be massively downsized into a little-noticed ministerial tax-collection agency. Continue reading

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