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What’s Behind Obama’s Call for Mandatory Voting?

Leftist groups like the ‘Center for American Progress’ and ‘Demos,’ including such progressive luminaries as John Podesta, Van Jones, as well as Barack Obama, have previously endorsed compulsory voting laws to guarantee progressive government. The first step on the road to mandatory voting is mandatory voter registration.

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Is religious liberty turning into anti-religious despotism in America?

From the disappearance of nativity scenes across the country to demanding the exclusion of the word “God” in the pledge of allegiance, to banning prayer in public schools, and removing plaques of the ten commandments from courthouses and schools around the nation…

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Free speech – a dying right

Despite the fact that it is considered an exemplar of democracy throughout the world, the United States is dealing with many issues which seem to increasingly restrict its citizens’ freedoms. One of these is free speech. Can the U.S., a country in the throes of extreme political correctness, still think of itself as a bastion of free speech protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, or is it now only allowed to listen to a few biased opinions of people who fit into the mold of what a 21st century citizen should be like?

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IRS abuse of power and the re-election of the president

Should anyone doubt the purpose of these recent revelations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted conservative Tea Party and patriotic grassroots groups such as the Glenn Beck inspired 9/12 groups seeking tax-exempt status from the government? Cast all skepticism aside. Be advised there was a single purpose to this act of unmitigated government tyranny…

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