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Castro’s Killing Fields: A Pattern of Disregard for Human Life Lasting Six Decades (February)

Cuba Archive has documented numerous cases of extrajudicial killings by state authorities against persons attempting to escape their Cuban Island prison “illegally” over six decades. By Maria C. Werlau l February 28, 2018 Following are selected cases of death or … Continue reading

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Trump’s ‘Active Leadership’ Reverses Obama’s Cuba Policy

“To the Cuban government, I say: Put an end to the abuse of dissidents. Release the political prisoners. Stop jailing innocent people. Open yourselves to political and economic freedoms. Return the fugitives from American justice – including the cop-killer Joanne … Continue reading

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Myths About Cuba

Raul is no Gorbachev or Deng Xiaoping and no friend of the United States, presiding over the worst periods of political repression and economic centralization in Cuba. Raul has been a loyal follower and cheerleader of Fidel’s anti-American policies and … Continue reading

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The Trump Administration’s Latin American Opportunity

The Trump administration, with its business acumen, intuitively understands that a Latin America that is entrepreneurial, prosperous, and free market oriented is in the national interest of the United States on multiple fronts: it limits the influence in the region … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Visit to “Perfidious Cuba”

Fidel Castro has repeatedly sought to deceitfully assuage the international community, as evidenced by excerpts from his 1959 speeches. Three years later, in December 1961 Castro finally admitted, “I am a Marxist-Leninist and shall be one until the end of my life.” The following year, Castro urged the Soviet Union to launch a preemptive nuclear attack on the United States, with missiles from Cuba. President Obama is cavalier in dismissing history noting that “I am not interested in having battles that started before I was born.” Continue reading

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Communist Cuba’s Alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran’s and Havana’s shared interest in Venezuela is another source of potential concern to the West. Of strategic significance is the possibility that Iranian scientists are enriching uranium in Venezuela for shipment to Iran. Venezuelan sources have confirmed this possibility. Foreign intelligence services consulted by the author acknowledged these rumors but are unable to confirm them. If confirmed, these actions would violate UN sanctions as well as U.S. security measures. Continue reading

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Another Castro in the Wings

In January, Alejandro Castro Espin also traveled, with Raul, to Costa Rica for a conclave of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, presumably interacting with many of them. A month later he led a Cuban delegation to Moscow where he signed a joint defense agreement. Married in the mid-1980s, he honeymooned in Leningrad around the time of Mikhail Gorbachev’s ascent to power.

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Don’t Pack Your Suitcases

President Obama faces strong opposition in Congress to any unilateral concessions to the Castro brothers. A unified and powerful coalition of Republican and Democrat legislators will thwart his attempt to give too much and get little from the Castros.

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U.S. Economic Determinism in Dealing with Cuba

The views toward Cuba of many in the U.S. policy establishment have been influenced by a variety of assumptions. First and foremost, there is the strong belief that economic considerations could influence Cuban policy decisions and that an economically deteriorating situation would force the Castro brothers to move Cuba toward a market economy and eventually toward political reforms.

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Turmoil in post-Chavez Venezuela

For 15 years Venezuela has been in the grip of an authoritarian regime, first under the late Hugo Chavez and currently under his anointed successor, Nicolas Maduro. From the beginning, the regime developed a pathological political dependence on Fidel Castro’s Cuba, one which has made it possible for the Castro regime to actually dictate Venezuelan policy. On Thursday, February 20th, Members of Congress… Continue reading

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Killing Castro: Code Name AMLASH

Fidel Castro knew that the CIA was trying to kill him. There was no doubt; his sources were reliable. “For three years,” he told investigators from the House of Representatives in 1978, “we had known there were plots against us.” The history of Kennedy era attempts against Castro’s life is well known. There were several plots and bizarre schemes, two featuring Mafia kingpins, ones involving incendiary cigars, an explosive sea shell, and a poisoned diving suit. But the most promising of the killing plans ripened in a Paris safe house fifty years ago last month.

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What if…the U.S. Ended the Cuba Travel Ban and the Embargo?

Lifting the ban for U.S. tourists to travel to Cuba would be a major concession totally out of proportion to recent changes in the island. If the U.S. were to lift the travel ban without major reforms in Cuba, there would be significant implications

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