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Trump Plan to Lift Ban on Tolling Existing Interstates Met with Stiff Opposition

Tolls have been and will remain wildly unpopular with ordinary citizens imposing a political cost at election time. The crony capitalist Wall Street wing of the Republican Party seems to be winning over the president in lieu of his Main … Continue reading

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Precedent Set as Tolls Come off Two Texas Highways

No one should be charged a toll to use a road that’s paid for, otherwise it’s double taxation. The move to remove tolls once a road’s debt is retired is one of several recommendations that came out of the interim … Continue reading

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Obama’s Tax Hikes Threaten Middle Class Family Advancement

I worked for several years in my first wife’s family business started by her father. It was an enterprise that spanned generations, as all his children were involved in running the operation. The left’s idea of inheritance is that there is no connection between…

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Conservatives introduce “TEA” highway bill that scraps federal program, but pushes tolls, P3s, & transit boondoggles

While Graves, Lee and Rubio may believe they’re offloading their federal gas tax revenue problem to the states, in reality, they’re seeking to compound the problem 50-fold; the states aren’t any better than the feds on transportation funding. We should not be encouraging more tolling of any kind, whether at the federal or state level. Tolls are a tax. The principle of “pay-as-you-go”…

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Texas toll agency breaking the law to stay solvent, seeks sweeping new powers

“This is a clean-up bill,” spouted the North Texas Tollway Authority’s (NTTA) bond counsel, Frank Stevenson II, one of the agency’s ‘legacy contractors,’ Locke Lord, LLP, who crafted House Bill 2247 that grants the authority expansive new powers.

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