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Castro’s Killing Fields: A Pattern of Disregard for Human Life Lasting Six Decades (February)

Cuba Archive has documented numerous cases of extrajudicial killings by state authorities against persons attempting to escape their Cuban Island prison “illegally” over six decades. By Maria C. Werlau l February 28, 2018 Following are selected cases of death or … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis

The single most important event encouraging and accelerating Soviet involvement in Cuba was the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961. The U.S. failure to act decisively against Castro gave the Soviets illusions about U.S. determination and interest in the island. … Continue reading

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Castro’s American Victims

Obama would not have put in this much effort into aiding the Castro regime if the Communist dictatorship weren’t such an inspiration to the American left. Castro understood that for the bargain price of providing a refuge for left-wing terrorists, he would secure the undying loyalty of extremists like Obama. After Castro provided aid and comfort to left-wing American terrorists, the American left is finally in a position to bail out the Castros. Continue reading

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Implications of Ending the Cuban Embargo

Foreign investors cannot hire, fire, or pay Cuban workers directly. They must go through the government employment agency which selects the workers. Investors pay the Cuban government in dollars or euros and the government, in turn, pays the workers a meager 10% in Cuban pesos. Corruption is pervasive, undermining equity and respect for the rule of law.

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Cuba’s Suspension of U.S. Consular Services

Cuba’s suspension of consular services in the U.S. may have little to do with finances and much to do with Gen. Raul Castro’s interest in slowing down visits by Cuban-Americans to the island.

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Cuban Oil Prospects Revisited

On January 18, 2011, I published on this website a report about Cuban oil prospects entitled, “Petroleum in Cuba: Current Situation and Mid-term Outlook,”.

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