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After Nationalists’ Surprise Showing in Germany, is Austria Next?

With days to go before the balloting in the parliamentary elections, the issue of immigration dominates political debate. In 2015, as Germany’s Merkel was admitting refugees from Syria, whose ranks would reach one million, Austria received 90,000 asylum requests. In … Continue reading

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German Alt-Right Surges and Dominates the Former Communist East

Though there is unlikely to be any major change in German policy, for the moment, the AfD’s surge, especially in the former East Germany, suggests a massive psychological shift amongst average Germans, in a country haunted by guilt from the … Continue reading

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German Trumps Score Latest Gain in Berlin Elections

As Merkel steadfastly insists she will not limit the number of refugees entering Germany this year, the AfD grows in strength and numbers. How it fares at the polls next year will surely be a defining chapter in the saga of reunified Germany. Continue reading

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Was March 13 The Start of Germany‘s “Trump Phenomenon?”

In many ways, the “AfD phenomenon” is increasingly likened to that of the “Trump Phenomenon” in the United States. Lacking a charismatic leader in the mold of Donald Trump, the AfD has nonetheless electrified voters with its hard-line on immigration and its persona as the movement opposed to the political “establishment.” According to Martin Klingst of Die Zeit, “The United Nations Human Rights Council says that there are already about 200,000 refugees waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Italy again and that more and more refugees will choose this dangerous route once the Balkan route is closed.” Continue reading

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