Let’s Keep the Reagan Revolution Alive!

“I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things, and they didn’t spring full bloom from my brow, they came from the heart of a great nation–from our experience, our wisdom, and our belief in the principles that have guided us for two centuries. They called it the Reagan revolution. Well, I’ll accept that, but for me it always seemed more like the great rediscovery, a rediscovery of our values and our common sense.”

In confronting the many challenges facing America today, there is no better guide than the history and lessons of the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). His devotion to foundational American ideals – including freedom, security and sovereignty — gave birth to policies that worked, policies that restored the economy, rebuilt our defenses, enhanced national pride, ended the Cold War and contributed mightily to the survival and success of liberty at home and abroad.

Reagan’s record of accomplishment speaks for itself. On the economy, his policies overcame a severe economic recession marked by double-digit inflation and unemployment, and unleashed a largely uninterrupted 25-year period of economic growth, job creation, prosperity and entrepreneurship. In foreign affairs, his policies reversed the conventional Cold War defensive strategy of “containment” and “détente” with a forward strategy for freedom that led to the end of the Cold War and the liberation of millions around the world.

President Reagan’s personal qualities — including his integrity, optimism, patriotism, sense of humor, and ability to communicate common sense American values – solidified a bond with the American people that transcended the partisan divides of his time and enabled his remarkable political and policy success. While legions of “Reagan Republicans” cut their political teeth on behalf of the causes he espoused, he also brought forth into the conservative political firmament regiments of “Reagan Democrats” who enabled him to win critical policy victories in a divided Congress.

Today, we owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to understand why maintaining Reagan’s core principles in the policy arena still provides the best roadmap for America’s future. Part of the secret is to know that Reagan’s principles were not invented overnight by him or his advisors. Reagan’s principles stem from the fundamental tested ideas and ideals of America itself: limited government as guided by the checks and balances of the Constitution, individual freedom as embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the market economy free from government-only solutions, and a strong national defense second to none.

Here we seek a rediscovery of those values and common sense Ronald Reagan held dear and in doing so strive to keep the Reagan revolution alive!