Reagan Revolution

Let’s Keep the Reagan Revolution Alive

In confronting the many challenges facing America today, there is no better guide than the history and lessons of the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan.Read More

Defining the Reagan Revolution

Among the strongest pillars of the Reagan Revolution were: 1) a successful program for economic recovery which became known as Reaganomics; 2) a successful pro-freedom foreign policy based on ‘peace through strength;’ 3) a philosophy grounded in individual freedom and constitutional government; and, 4) a renewed spirit of optimism and patriotism celebrating American history and American ideals. Read More

Key Reagan Speeches

Here in full text are a few of Ronald Reagan’s best and most memorable speeches covering the three decades from 1964 to 1994. Read More

Reagan Bookshelf

To learn more, here are links to a few of the best books shedding light on the true legacy of Ronald Reagan and the Reagan era. Read More

“Concentrated power has always
been the enemy of liberty.”

Ronald Reagan