Message from the Executive Director

When I founded the Selous Foundation in 1985, America was in the midst of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan was president and the Evil Empire had been placed on notice that freedom was once again on the march. The Berlin Wall has since been torn down, in spite of Mr. Gorbachev, with the captive nations of Eastern Europe and much of the former Soviet Union at last breathing the air of freedom and liberty.

Yet, as surely as the tide ebbs and flows, so does man’s tyranny over his fellow man, whether the heavy hand of big government, the international bureaucrats who seek to redistribute our nation’s wealth or the powerful forces abroad that harbor anti-American sentiments in order to mask their own inadequacies; whatever the threat, we must always be vigilant and stand guard over our nation’s sovereignty and independence.

Although worlds apart, America experienced its Pearl Harbor both on December 7, 1941, as well as on September 11, 2001. In the interim, National Socialism in Nazi Germany had been vanquished, while international socialism in Soviet Russia had taken its last breath as a unified force. In its place, we have witnessed a resurgent Russia, an ascendant China and the global rise of radical Islam, responsible for the 9/11 surprise attacks on two of America’s power centers – financial and military – at New York’s Twin Towers and at the Pentagon in Washington.

As William F. Buckley and M. Stanton Evans’ Sharon Statement affirmed over a half century ago on September 11, 1960, when the forces of international communism presented “the greatest single threat” to our liberties, we are now confronted by another ideology, both foreign and domestic, promoting the totalitarian supremacist Islamic doctrine of shariah calling for ‘civilization jihad’ against America, while threatening the very foundations of Western civilization. And, today, as in 1960, “the United States should stress victory over, rather than coexistence with this menace,” which is accurately described as international communism with a god.

Unfortunately, America is having difficulty coming to terms with this seditious campaign – a very real clear and present danger. Yet, ignoring history, many are promoting a re-birth of socialism – now taking the more insidious form of a ‘Red-Green’ alliance, ultimately, the path to subjugation, poverty, and ruin.

Unlike any other country in history, the United States of America was founded around a core set of principles…limited government, individual liberty, private property rights, the rule of law and personal responsibility. These principles – embodied in our founding documents, manifested in the Virginia Declaration of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – are what make America exceptional.

Today, the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research (SFPPR) is needed more than ever. I hope you will join in this important fight for our nation’s future. Thank you!

Morgan Norval