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The Kissinger Factor

Pat Buchanan’s latest book Nixon’s White House Wars is a brilliant and insightful chronicle of the failed Nixon presidency from an insider who had been with Richard Nixon since the beginning. Buchanan signed on as Richard Nixon’s sole staff aide … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Sense Out of the Alt-Right

“It’s not a coherent intellectual movement, but simply a refuge from the endless assault on ordinary people, who see their traditions, their customs, their ancestors, and their progeny being ground up in the meat grinder of technocratic managerialism. The alt-right … Continue reading

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Father Daniel Berrigan: May His Soul Rest in Peace

Fr. Dan Berrigan represented in a dramatic way the transformation of the Jesuit religious order from one which was known as a staunch defender of the Catholic faith (the Jesuits were called the “Soldiers of Christ”) to one in which “social justice” became the central theme of the Jesuit hierarchy. Daniel Berrigan simply took that modern vision of the Order to its logical extreme. Pope John Paul II was not a fan of the direction the Jesuit order had taken, nor of the liberation theologians who sought to fuse Christianity with Communism, or the social justice “warriors” like Dan Berrigan. Ironically, at the end of his life, Daniel Berrigan finally may have found a pope as an ally in his fellow Jesuit Pope Francis who seems to share many of Fr. Berrigan’s views on social justice issues, and even has Jeffrey Sachs as an advisor. Continue reading

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The State Department’s Destabilization of South Vietnam

The Vietnam War was a long time ago for me – specifically, forty-seven years ago when I served as a Province Intelligence Officer in Chau Doc on the Cambodian border and as a senior analyst in the office of Strategic … Continue reading

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The Vietnam War: Still Opposing the New Left at Home

I disagreed with President Lyndon Baines Johnson on many issues, but I respected him for his efforts to prevent a Communist takeover of South Vietnam. What would LBJ or Walt Rostow, the former LBJ national security advisor who was Dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs for many years, have thought of a program on Vietnam so skewed to the Left? And, featuring a New Left leader whose followers infamously chanted: “Hey Hey LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today.” Continue reading

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