Articles by Roger Aronoff

Shadow Government: How Obama Is Undermining Trump’s Presidency

As the media continue to obsess about the Russians, and what influence they may have exerted during the presidential campaign, few reporters are taking a hard look at Obama’s continued political influence over organized protests meant to undermine Trump. The … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart, Controversial as Ever Five Years After his Death (1969-2012)

“An ascendant and President Trump are truly Andrew Breitbart’s greatest legacy,” writes Gertz. Actually, Breitbart’s legacy is a burgeoning conservative movement ready to take on a mainstream media which has long since abandoned its objectivity and journalistic standards. And … Continue reading

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Obama’s Reckless Plan Threatens U.S. Oversight of Internet

The liberal media continue to assert that handing over a function of the Internet will have minor repercussions. That’s because few in the media want to blame President Obama for, once again, damaging U.S. interests in his pursuit of the transformation of America. This is a complicated issue, but after the lies employed to sell the country on the phony Iran deal, and on Obamacare, Congress should block this surrender of U.S. Internet oversight for at least as long as Obama is President. Continue reading

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