America’s Borders, Language, and Culture

In Trump’s War: The Battle for America, Michael Savage, the conservative radio commentator has written a book for our time that goes beyond just bashing liberals. His insightful, well presented book is a dynamic and all-encompassing manifesto that lays out the nationalist antidote to over 20 years of liberal and globalist policies imposed upon the American nation, since the dawn of George H.W. Bush’s presidency, when the groundwork for NAFTA was laid.

Of course, being the independent conservative that he is, Savage does not simply regurgitate traditional orthodoxies of mainstream conservatism and neither does he limit his ideas to conservative friendly topics such as taxes, health care and guns. He advocates for a Trumpian revolution in science where he believes America should reclaim conservationism in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt to tackling the foundational questions of Western identity and mass immigration. Obvious topics like Conservatism Inc. have long since jettisoned from it’s essential credo and unwillingness to fight on, while the left dominates the narrative.

Savage lays out more than just run of the mill, unprovocative and conventional conservative platitudes in another generic political book seeking the approval of Conservatism Inc. Rather, it defies the forces of establishment Conservatism as being just as compromised and opposed to Trump as the establishment Left is. This book is not only the manifesto of Trump’s People’s Army of the Savage Nation, it is also their intellectual sword designed for them to wield in day-to-day interactions with their colleagues, family and friends.

Rather than calling for Trump to return us to some vague concept of “Constitutionalism” or “limited government,” Savage calls for a diagnosis of the ills of America’s working class and the solutions of nationalist ideology that will unite blue collar Democrats to their Republican white-collar compatriots. In a new nationalist populism, the goal will be for the establishment to listen to the will of the historic American nation, rather than shadowy internationalist forces pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Savage calls upon Trump for bold, yet, realistic and simple solutions to save America’s borders, language and culture. Savage outlines Trump’s priorities in not just economics but also ending the social engineering of the military to restoring conservationism in right-wing discourse.

Though Savage offers detailed battle plans for the Trump legions across twelve different subjects, he sticks to a common theme of analyzing America’s political problems: the “game” is rigged. In Chapter Two, “Trump’s Economic War,” Savage describes how “Corporations don’t pay huge sums to lobbyists to help even the playing field for them and all their competitors. They pay lobbyists to get them an advantage….It’s rigged.”

The author echoes this theme again in the following chapter, “Trump’s War to Repeal Obamacare,” by stating that the “rigged health care system has all sorts of artificial forces skewing both supply and demand.” Savage’s solution to this problem of the elites rigging the system is to even the playing field. Savage discredits liberals, who want more government imposed solutions, by showing that “more regulation protects big business and the 1 percent” and, therefore, permits the intrusion of government into the market place creating the very hydras that liberals claim to hate. Instead, he wants the system to not favor the mega-corporations, but rather assist the “forgotten man” by not assisting in the construction of monopolies and guaranteeing a minimum wage.

But more than just a nuanced and invigorating discussion over policy, Savage also launches into the never talked about culture wars. From the crisis of illegal immigration to education and the military being turned into a laboratory of social engineering, he believes that the country cannot be saved by sheer policy measures alone. It will take an about-face in cultural/social behavior and Western values in order to correct the downward trajectory of America.

At the heart of America’s problems, Savage identifies illegal immigration.

To Savage the issue surrounding immigration is not about policy, but is, in fact, a battle over the very existence of the United States and Western Civilization at-large. He correctly analyzes that “by importing mass populations from alien, hostile cultures and deliberately planting them throughout their countries, Western nations are fundamentally changing their existing populations. Allowed to continue, the populations of Europe and the United States will no longer be the same peoples who have existed there for hundreds or thousands of years and how they built long standing traditions of liberty and local self-government.” Savage then goes on to prove, with historical example, the reality of peaceful demographic displacement as a means of imperial conquest. He does not lay blame on the immigrants per se, but rather at the feet of the global elites who serve the business interests of cheap labor and a gradual political transition leftward. All the while knowing that the “ivory tower elites in Washington don’t have to worry” about the consequences of their actions, as they are shielded from the realities of public policy.

In terms of action, Savage writes off any redemption of the Democrat Party. For him, the insurgency campaign that needs to be waged is the implementation of the Trumpian worldview inside the Republican Party, by defeating the RINOs and ultimately crushing the Deep State. His main concern, however, is that there is the real possibility that the Trump Administration and, therefore, the Trump agenda will be hijacked. He even goes so far as to voice his concerns that this has already begun to happen in an op ed he wrote for World Net Daily criticizing the appointment of Reince Priebus as chief-of-staff.

Though Savage has been very critical of certain policy decisions and recent Trump Administration appointments and specific behaviors of Trump and his administration, Savage remains a committed supporter of President Trump and does not regret his commitment to writing this book. A second printing has even been released. Yet, Savage remains an ardent critic not for the sake of harming the Trump presidency but to continue to be the voice of true Trumpian orthodoxy.

Taylor Rose is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.A. in International Relations from the Helms School of Government. Fluent in English and German he has worked and studied throughout Europe specializing in American and European politics. He is a prolific writer and author of the book Return of the Right an analysis on the revival of Conservatism in the United States and Europe. He is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis of the conservative on-line journalism center at the Washington-based Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research.