Unmasking the Frightening State of America

Conservative author and talk show host Michael Savage has published another book – incredibly, his 36th – and it is eye-opening but depressing. Government Zero goes over the dismal state of the country’s current problems due to what Savage describes as the “absolute, unchecked government power and zero representation of the people.”

If you thought Savage was a bit of a superficial, knee-jerk conservative, due to phrases he frequently uses such as “red diaper doper baby” to describe progressive activists, this book will dispel all notions of that. It is a brilliant expose and analysis of where the country is at, updated right up until a few months ago, which really contains too much profound information to justify in a short book review. I do not believe I have ever underlined a book this much.

Each chapter addresses a “zero” problem, including zero leadership, zero strategy against ISIS, zero military, zero education, zero culture, zero immigration, zero religion, zero science, zero police etc.

In his no-holds-barred style, Savage tells it like it is. Regarding radical Islam:

They think they are going to take us back to some pristine religious period in human history that never actually occurred … These “faith warriors” live lower than the pigs they despise … They’re trying to take us back to a state of barbarism that has been extinct for 1,200 years.

He astutely observes that Islamic nations have socialist economies and repeatedly asks why LGBT activists are more concerned about Christian bakers and florists than radical Islamists throwing gays off buildings in Islamic countries. Obama warns of “domestic terrorism” as an extremist problem – meaning Tea Parties and patriots – yet will not use the phrase “Islamic terrorism.”

Savage, who is Jewish, makes a compelling case that ISIS is like the Nazis but even worse. At least the Nazis didn’t publicly broadcast the terrible things they did to Jews to horrify the public around the world. He explains how Obama has helped bring about the rise of ISIS, and goes so far as to compare Obama to Hitler, noting how Obama puts himself above the law of the land by signing executive orders to get around the Constitution and the other two branches of government.

Savage sadly nails how the left is brainwashing society, “They have convinced a lot of gullible young people that the freest, richest, greatest nation on earth is actually a prison where white privilege reigns, women and minorities are oppressed, workers are exploited, and the environment is destroyed.” He explains how the Democratic platform today is almost indistinguishable from the Socialist and Communist Party platforms – which is easy to see with socialist Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat on a platform scarcely distinguishable from Hillary Clinton.

His observations of Obama are sheer genius, “He was a spoiled white kid with a black father, who decided to pretend to be a downtrodden black man.” Some of the things Obama has said and done are frankly unbelievable, and Savage has compiled many of them. “Here in America,” Obama said, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since the founding generations.” Actually, Obama is trying to fundamentally rewrite America’s history.

Savage’s insights into foreign relations with Russia and the Middle East get to the root of the problem and are a must read for anyone trying to understand the quagmire that is Obama’s foreign policy. Russia isn’t necessarily the enemy, but Obama is provoking Putin instead of attempting to work with him. Obama has purged the military of its top officers, and turned it into an “atheist, multicultural, progressive bureaucracy.”

Savage proposes a solution that at first glance sounds a little unusual. Troubled by Obama’s internationalism, he believes the way back from zero is nationalism. Lamenting that “conservative has come to mean almost nothing other than big business,” and is confusingly pro-interventionist to some but isolationist to others, he thinks the solution is to put America first again. He cites Abraham Lincoln and others as nationalists.

The book concludes with “40 Actions to Save America.” Most are fairly predictable conservative solutions, but a few are surprising. He would end all foreign aid – including aid to Israel. He would close all tax loopholes for Hollywood and withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA and the forthcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership. He would end the H-1B visa program, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and eliminate government employee pensions

If you are looking for the latest conservative insights on the key issues facing us today, as well as the most brilliant one-liners and descriptions of politics packed into one book, this is it. It is Michael Savage at his finest.

Rachel Alexander is the founder of the Intellectual Conservative, senior editor of The Stream and an attorney. Ms. Alexander is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.