Exposing the Liberal Heroes of the Women’s Movement

Katie Pavlich’s new book, Assault and Flattery, exposes the liberal heroes of the women’s movement and provides one of the most dynamic arguments against modern leftism. While Ann Coulter exposes the heinous dimensions of leftism and race, so does Pavlich expose the left’s hypocrisy and abusive nature toward women.

Pavlich’s book should be looked upon as a serious indicator of the future direction of American social values. As a young lady, raised in the hyper-feminist culture of modern America, she actively takes a stand against the ruling feminist mantras of the day. Whereas, the left has worked hard to gain a monopoly on the plight of women and redefine American culture along Marxist dialectical lines of oppressor versus oppressed, Pavlich could be a foreshadowing of a future female rejection of the 1960s feminist and sexual revolutions.

While the left distinguishes between “good women” (feminists and Democrats) and “bad women” (Republican and Conservative women), Pavlich works to challenge and utterly reject this contrast. Rather she attacks the leftist status quo and presents an alternative model that is simultaneously pro-man and pro-woman. There are no winners and losers in Pavlich’s mind, only teams working together in harmony.

Just as Ann Coulter works to tear down the racialist divisions within American society to create a harmonized America, so does Pavlich work to tear down the man versus woman dynamics and seeks to uphold the family unit and family identity.

The left uses women as a means to an end, to advance their higher ideological cause that promotes abortion, ObamaCare’s socialized medicine, state mandated equal pay and for winning elections for the Democrat Party.

The “plight of women” is used as a springboard to “liberate” other groups, such as non-white minorities, Muslims and homosexuals who are simultaneously “oppressed” by the right-wing forces of modern America.

Given the nature of this dialectical process and the general advancement of the homosexual movement over the last decade, it leads one to wonder how much longer it will be until the ultra feminist left will use the plight of women to liberate pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality?

Much like a mafia or a totalitarian government, Pavlich delineates on the savage nature of how the left punishes female traitors that go off the reservation of being “pro-women.” The first mistake is being a conservative or Republican. A prime example she cites is how MSNBC’s Martin Bashir shockingly degraded Sarah Palin, wishing for someone to defecate in her mouth.

This type of slander is not limited to MSNBC commentators, however, as Pavlich notes, media personalities are constantly on the assault against conservative and Republican women who do not fall in line with the DNC’s messaging on women.

David Letterman, Bill Mahar, Dan Savage, Allan Brauer and Larry Flint have all used the most degrading forms of verbal abuse towards conservative woman, all the while claiming to be “progressive” and yet never directing these verbal assaults against left-wing women. The reasoning is that it is about power and control. The left has a vision of what it wants American society to look like and how the family needs to be reconstructed. Any female that would hold even a modicum of traditionalist inclinations needs to be put to shame and suppressed.

It is this female challenge to the power dynamics of the status quo that Pavlich poses such a threat to the left. Much like a Dr. Ben Carson or Col. Allen West, who as black conservatives and Christians, represent a potential rupture on the Democrat’s monopoly hold on minorities, so does Pavlich represent the millennial generation of woman potentially rebelling against almost 50 years of feminist institutionalization. Pavlich debunks the Democrats’ incessant and now dying drumbeat of the so-called Republican-Conservative “War on Women.”

Taylor Rose is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.A. in International Relations from the Helms School of Government. Fluent in English and German he has worked and studied throughout Europe specializing in American and European politics. He is a prolific writer and author of the book Return of the Right, an analysis on the revival of Conservatism in the United States and Europe. He is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.