Texans Oust Pro-Toll Incumbents to Elect Pro-Taxpayer, Pro-Property Rights Senators

By Terri Hall l August 5, 2012

Laura McKenzie New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung          Houston Chronicle


Anti-toll groups, celebrated medical doctor Donna Campbell’s victory over pro-toll, 40-year incumbent State Senator Jeff Wentworth in Texas Senate District 25 at her victory party in New Braunfels, TX, July 31.

Wentworth sits on the Senate Transportation Committee and was the key to blocking pro-taxpayer measures advocated by taxpayers for the last three sessions. He also sits on the San Antonio-Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), where Wentworth recently voted to toll 281 & 1604. This means two existing free main lanes will be turned into dedicated bus-HOV-toll lanes using tax money. So Wentworth not only tried to increase a host of road taxes in the legislature, but also voted to DOUBLE TAX San Antonians for roads they’ve already paid for with their tax money.

This is the first opportunity for our supporters to make an example out of the board members who recently voted to toll existing lanes on 281 at the MPO June 25. There was a TON of enthusiasm behind Dr. Campbell. She’s just what’s needed to shake-up Austin to get a pro-taxpayer transportation policy in place in Texas.

Cruz knocks off Dewhurst

In another key race, Ted Cruz, who was the youngest and longest serving Solicitor General of the State of Texas, represents strong constitutional values  and is a defender of American sovereignty. Cruz received an ‘A’ rating in TURF’s Voter Guide for his pro-taxpayer, pro-property rights positions on transportation and defeated pro-toll extraordinaire Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who received an ‘F’ on TURF’s Report Card on the 82nd Legislature, for the U.S. Senate seat to replace retiring, anti-toll Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Both Campbell and Cruz were grossly outspent and came from behind to beat career politicians who have terrible records on property rights and transportation policy. Dewhurst and Wentworth not only pushed tolls on Texans, they also ushered in public-private partnerships that sell our public roads to private toll operators for private gain, which represents both eminent domain abuse as well as granting private monopolies subsidized with public money that result in punitive taxation in the hands of private corporations.

So the election of two strong candidates is great news for Texas taxpayers and advocates of private property rights, and this sends a strong message to both Austin and Washington: we don’t want more taxes, especially to use roads we’ve already paid for with tax money. Enough is enough!

Terri Hall is the founder of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), which defends against eminent domain abuse and promotes non-toll transportation solutions. She’s a home school mother of eight turned citizen activist. Ms. Hall is also a contributor to

SFPPR News & Analysis.