The UN’s Measure of a Nation – and America’s Political Complicity

By Bruce Branick l July 12, 2012

United Nations Economist Howard S. Friedman, Masters in Statistics, and a PhD. in Biomedics from Johns Hopkins, declares “Income Inequality is America’s biggest challenge.”

“Inequality” Friedman believes, as do many Socialists, suggests that some citizens in the American social strata are unfairly denied income, while other groups, unfairly, get too much. Income inequality, says Friedman, led to the “Occupy Wall Street protests” – never mind OWS is a bought-and-paid-for reactionary pseudo movement, unlike the genuine grassroots Tea Party movement, while “the American dream of social mobility [rising above one’s humble beginnings], is a myth.” Well, Bill Gates, who rose from modest beginnings, would be surprised by this statement.

Speaking on the Daily Ticker, Friedman tells anchor Aaron Task that “America has fallen behind…that America has become ‘the Dog,’ compared to its Asian and Western European competitors.” To arrive at his conclusion, Friedman uses common SOCIALIST standards of measurement such as: health, education, safety, democracy and equality. What about FREEDOM? Democracy is all well and good but without freedom, it’s meaningless and leads to tyranny. And, conspicuous by its absence is the measure of private property rights – anathema to socialists and Marxists alike but the true MEASURE OF A NATION. We all remember “spread the wealth around,” inspired by Joe the Plumber in 2008!

Well, Friedman bad-mouths our health care, claims it ranks 37th by the UN’s own measure at the World Health Organization (WHO), though foreign heads of state with billions of dollars available for top med-care can’t get to America fast enough for treatment of diseases: cancer, bone and joint, derma, renal, diabetic infirmities, etc.

But, whatever destruction and despair have seized the United States – and the abyss is deep – you can be certain were foisted upon its citizens by Democrat and Republican Senates and Congresses, by presidents and a federal court, scrabbling for lifetime tenures in office, beginning with Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) and ending with Barack Hussein Obama.

Notwithstanding, whatever Socialist beliefs Mr. Friedman may espouse, it is agreed Americans are deep in political and economic scat, and everyone knows it. Yet, our primary problem, jobs, is a no-brainer, and could be solved within weeks.

On December 8, 1941, a torrent of young men and women began flooding into our Armed Forces leaving farm workers in short supply. Hispanics were allowed in from Mexico, Central and South America, at low wages munificent to them. Ag people, then poor as “church mice,” got an income leg up, even received special payments from Franklin and Eleanor to help them survive. Today, those farmers and ranchers take trips around the world, live high on the hog (which is fine), but they no longer need the heady additive dollar gifts in government bonuses – read taxpayer dollars – still enriching them (which ‘ain’t’ fine).

KRAFT is the richest food company in the world (Wikipedia). Competitor of this incredible cash-cow, “Con-Agra,” has thousands of acres in Indonesia and New Guinea, and owns hundreds of food processors, today providing finished foods TO THE WORLD, much of it free to foreign countries through (AID) Agency for International Development, a U.S. giveaway icon that has fed and cared for the world for over sixty years, but is paid for (Who guessed?) by America’s fast dwindling working folk still taking home a paycheck.

Washington, beginning with LBJ, through ‘Peanuts,’ Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, after the BIG WAR, allowed illegal entry from dozens of third-world countries, to continue providing agriculture with preferential, cheap labor, while stealing away the summer jobs of high-schoolers and college students who would have been enabled to pay part of their school costs.

These anti-American presidential administrations also gave away millions of skilled jobs with living wages, to illegal aliens in our country, unlawfully, I might add. Historically, illegals have been paid cash, under the table. Their school children fed twice daily and schooled free five days a week through K-12, are refunded earned income tax monies. In many states, the illegal, moreover, is allowed to piggy-back free aboard taxpayer dollars, by monopolizing hospital emergency rooms.

Presidents, senators, congressmen and women, stock market people, union and business guilds that control Congress for their memberships by underwriting politicians’ re-election, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NAM, all adopted anti-American think-tank nation-killers like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)/Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) accompanied by visa plans (H1B, H1B1, H2b, L1, L1b, TN1 – NAFTA – E3) that insource and outsource U.S. jobs overseas at a labor cost so minuscule that multinational profits are enormous when the products of runaway U.S. companies in China ship those manufactures back into America without taxation – through free trade zones — to compete with domestic American companies which are paying U.S. taxes and salaries.

A third-world country that produced frog clickers and firecrackers in 1945, China, is comptroller of the U.S. dollar. Today, with thousands of U.S. manufacturers’ companies in China, and with the help of our presidents and Congress, China owns America over a trillion dollars worth , and is busily building an enormous war machine, with the proceeds gifted them by Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House . There is no unemployment in China, no 99 weeks, no welfare; they have a disastrous number of America’s jobs

Some 20-30 million illegal aliens nesting in America, comfortable as Aunt Bea’s tabby-cats, driving used Mercedes, Acuras, new RAMs and KIAs, buying electrician’s pouches at Lowe’s, Craftsman tools at Sears, groceries at Walmart, have taken over fly-by-night auto and a/c repair, much highway construction, home construction, paint contractors, back-door electrical wiring, lawns of the well-to-do, vegetable, chicken, beef and seafood processing, enjoy family weekends in our malls, carouse ecstatically through estate and garage sales with their children, and send billions of dollars back home in remittances to wherever, at end of the month. Americans line-up for Obama’s 99 week unemployment checks, while Black unemployment is stuck at 14.2%, White at 8.2%.

There is no Friedman “Inequality of Income,” in America, there is inequality of Congress, of Senate and of presidents, who deny Americans jobs, a no-brainer that could be corrected almost over-night: finish building that double fence along our southern border, topped with razor wire, patrol that border with drones and the present number of Border Patrol placed strategically at metered points along that border. Arrest and jail for 90 days any illegals managing to get through the gauntlet. Punish Americans who employ illegals $1000 per infringement, and most illegals would go home voluntarily, or as Mitt Romney has said, “self deport.”

The most pernicious laws of all are the globalist trade agreements NAFTA/CAFTA. Your presidents and Congress have aided multinational manufacturers with preferential tax breaks out of the House Ways and Means Committee to export American jobs overseas, and nearly destroyed the United States of America. The answer is also a no-brainer: withdraw the United States from NAFTA/CAFTA, and place a tariff on exported runaway American factory goods.

In November 2012, Americans need to clean out the Senate, Congress and the White House, replace the barnacles who’ve stuck to their gravy trains, awarded themselves bonuses, increases in wages and a host of other self-awarded taxpayer gifts, for decades. Entrenched Old-Timers should be given the DEEP SIX.

And let’s get the hell out of the United Nations – once and for all.

God Bless America!

Bruce Branick served his nation for over 5 decades at sea. After three years of North Atlantic convoy duty as a Radioman in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Greenland Patrol and a fourth year attached to the Richmond Naval Air Station, a Florida Blimp Base concerned with Anti-submarine Warfare, he spent 50 years in the U.S. Merchant Marine as a Radio Officer, voyaging the world over from the Arctic to Antarctica, from Galveston to Istanbul, from Suez to Hong Kong. Mr. Branick, a contributor to

SFPPR News & Analysis

, is author of

Memoirs of a Loose Cannon

Two If By Sea