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Moments of Truth: The Free Speech Movement of 2016

The awareness of media enslavement is now infused within the consciousness of the American people. The treasure trove of truth is seemingly endless: the darkness of government, its bureaucracy, and its secret. WikiLeaks and other brave individuals have freed people from the enslavement of the so-called free press. WikiLeaks has reinforced the people’s right to know. Once the people know, the need to enforce self-governance and hold their United States representative Republic accountable is up to the citizenry. Continue reading

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Trade Promotion Authority Threatens U.S. Sovereignty, Jobs

Once again, Republicans caved to the will of a rogue, progressive president. To put the Republicans betrayal of the American people in context, Sessions notes, “The request for fast-track also comes at a time when the Administration has established a recurring pattern of sidestepping the law, the Congress, and the Constitution in order to repeal sovereign protections for U.S. workers in deference to favored financial and political allies.” – Senator Jeff Sessions Continue reading

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Snowden Forever

This is not to cheer the defector but simply to point out that the phenomena undergirding the Edward Snowden case will continue to metastasize predictably, linger painfully, and haunt us into the foreseeable future. Yet, this awful affair affords us an opportunity to have a long, merciless look at the perpetrator, ourselves, and the damages wrought on the nation. Continue reading

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