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Communist Cuba’s Alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran’s and Havana’s shared interest in Venezuela is another source of potential concern to the West. Of strategic significance is the possibility that Iranian scientists are enriching uranium in Venezuela for shipment to Iran. Venezuelan sources have confirmed this possibility. Foreign intelligence services consulted by the author acknowledged these rumors but are unable to confirm them. If confirmed, these actions would violate UN sanctions as well as U.S. security measures. Continue reading

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Appeasement: From Munich to Crimea and Caracas

As in Munich, many observers of the Venezuelan situation felt dialogue was the correct route. The Pope asked for it. So did the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry and many Latin American political leaders. MUD, echoing Chamberlain, must have felt that they were interpreting correctly the desires of the people for peaceful co-existence and for attempting to change the policies of the regime, not changing the regime.

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Cuban Strategy in Venezuela

Sunday, February 23rd Raul Castro set out the essence of Cuban policy toward the increasingly volatile situation in Venezuela. Speaking to the Cuban labor confederation he described it as “a complex crisis,” indicating considerable alarm in Havana about how Cuba’s vital economic and security interests might be affected.

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Hugo Chavez: Not a Mandela but a Mugabe

In later years, already gravely ill, Hugo Chavez delivered himself and his country into the hands of the Cuban government, surrendering to Cuban advisors sensitive areas of public administration. By Gustavo Coronel | March 11, 2013 Hugo Chavez could have … Continue reading

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