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When does Brexit mean Brexit?

It’s fair to say that the new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, having only been in office for a mere couple of months, has already demonstrated that she intends her government to commit to ‘full Brexit’. She has prudently placed … Continue reading

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“Brexit,” the British Exit from the EU, Campaign Heats Up

It is clear, though, that both sides have numerous supporters and the campaign will be vigorous. The voting to remain in the EU will be a vote against the risks to economic prosperity. Those voting for Brexit will be supporting Britain’s independence from Europe, primarily rejecting the tight control from Brussels. By virtue of the Brexit referendum, the nature of the European project will have been irrevocably altered, with “no return to the status quo ante.” Whatever the result on June 23, Brexit is going to be a campaign to remember. Continue reading

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The Paris-San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks and the Battle for Western Civilization

Whether solutions point in the direction of stemming the migrant flow through new policies, securing the EU borders, reinstating passports and border checks for each Schengen nation, or witnessing countries taking this issue into their own hands, one thing is certain: peace and unity cannot be maintained if the situation goes unchanged. The recent Islamist attacks on Paris and San Bernardino are pivotal moments for the future of Western civilization, which now hangs in the balance. Continue reading

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Is Putin ‘the’ Big Winner in EuroElections?

Both the French National Front and the UK Independence Party were big winners with 26% (25 seats) and 29% (24 seats) respectively. “The people have spoken loud and clear,” exclaimed Marine Le Pen. “They no longer want to be led by those outside our borders, by EU commissioners and technocrats who are unelected. They want to be protected from globalization and take back the reins of their destiny,”… Continue reading

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