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The Betrayal of the Holocaust

The Lebensraum of Islam demands ever more breathing room. And, fewer breathing Jews, Israel is carved up into smaller indefensible ghettos. And, where Jews are barred from living outside those ghettos. Those are “settlers” who must be evicted for the … Continue reading

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Kill the Two State Solution

Like the old Monty Python bit, the two-state solution is a dead parrot. The shopkeepers of the press who keep trying to sell us its stiff unmoving body insist that the peace process is just pining for the Norwegian fjords … Continue reading

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Israel’s Leftist Losers

The only hope for the leftist dream in Israel is to unite with their Socialist comrades in the PLO and build a bi-national state using Muslim demographics to counter the demographic growth of Middle Eastern and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Israel will become Lebanon.

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