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Not Just Another Flat Tax

Low-rate taxation would markedly increase after-tax returns, thus fostering saving, investment, and overall business expansion and, in turn, job and wage growth. There’s a lesson in the FreedomTax – The nation doesn’t need tax reforms with still too-high tax rates … Continue reading

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Finding the Road to Real Income Tax Reform

As a tax reform proposal, the FreedomTax is revolutionary. It’s more than just a proposal to clean up a tax mess. It would overturn and junk the two pillars of the establishment’s system of taxation, replacing that system in its entirety with a true income tax. This new tax would be a 10% flat tax on all income, taxing all income the same so that all income would bear its fair share of the income tax burden. The FreedomTax would dethrone the IRS, transforming it into a mere ministerial agency charged with the benign task of administering a greatly simplified income tax and tax-neutral much like the motor-vehicle fuel tax. Continue reading

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