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Austin Mayor Colluded with Obama to Accept Refugees Despite Governor Halting Program

The Obama administration is doing its level best to turn Texas blue on his way out of office, despite the governor’s withdrawal from the program and the incoming administration’s strong stance against illegal immigration, unvetted refugee resettlement, and non-citizen threats … Continue reading

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Refugee Overload: Creating ‘Ghettos’ in Rural Texas

When ‘pockets of resistance’ arise in these rural towns, the federal government dispatches yet more contractors who produce propaganda films and entire assimilation public relations programs to force compliance, if not silence in communities that resist. Meanwhile, states like Texas, … Continue reading

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Texas Lawmakers Tap Existing Sales Taxes to Fund Roads: Prop 7 could Eliminate Toll Roads

Both federal and state lawmakers are discovering tolls are just as unpopular as a gas tax hike and that they’re far more expensive for taxpayers than a gas tax funded highway system. The U.S. Senate tried to expand interstate tolling in its draft of the federal highway bill only to have it slapped down by a coalition of anti-toll groups, with Alliance for Toll-free Interstates leading the charge. The U.S. House is contemplating the same expansion and is running afoul of the same angry taxpayers. Continue reading

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