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The Tax-Mess Rejiggerment Act of 2018 and the Promise Made to Sell It

Taxpayers are uneasy about the end product; therefore, the bold promise (also made with the Brady-Ryan “Better Way” Plan) that the income tax will be so simplified that the average taxpayer will only have a postcard-like tax return to file. … Continue reading

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The Lee-Rubio Tax Plan: Can We Find the Road to Real Tax Reform?

Even though the Plan proposes many significant changes to the income tax, these changes are not such to make the Plan a serious income-tax reform proposal. The Plan’s retention and addition of new tax breaks would leave the tax base too narrow to permit a simple, efficient, and low-rate income tax. The Plan even seems oblivious to the corrosive effect which embedded tax breaks have upon the integrity of an income tax system. Like graffiti, they beacon the addition of more tax breaks, fueled by high tax rates giving them value. Continue reading

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