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Invasion: Canada’s Open Borders and Refugee Camps

Who stands on guard for Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, for Hemmingford and Emerson? And for Canada? In days gone by, armies kept invaders out of a country instead of accommodating them. But under Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian military is there to facilitate … Continue reading

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Austin Mayor Colluded with Obama to Accept Refugees Despite Governor Halting Program

The Obama administration is doing its level best to turn Texas blue on his way out of office, despite the governor’s withdrawal from the program and the incoming administration’s strong stance against illegal immigration, unvetted refugee resettlement, and non-citizen threats … Continue reading

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Boatlift to Chaos

FBI Director James B. Comey, who likely was ordered by higher-ups not to recommend indicting Hillary Clinton, recently warned of the dangers posed by migrants, “At some point, there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we’ve never seen before. Not all of the Islamic State killers are going to die on the battlefield.” Continue reading

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Refugee Overload: Creating ‘Ghettos’ in Rural Texas

When ‘pockets of resistance’ arise in these rural towns, the federal government dispatches yet more contractors who produce propaganda films and entire assimilation public relations programs to force compliance, if not silence in communities that resist. Meanwhile, states like Texas, … Continue reading

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Reversing the 1683 Siege of Vienna

On September 11 – the anniversary of the worst attack on America – in 1683, when the decisive stage of the battle of Vienna began over three-hundred years ago, the Muslim Ottoman siege was lifted and Islam was turned away from conquering more of Christian Europe. Today, Islam’s Hijrah is on the march and has returned to Europe, indeed, even invited in by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and seems about to reverse the Ottoman setback at Vienna during the late 17th Century, a third of a millennia ago. But, this time, there may not be a Polish King like Jan III Sobieski to save Germany. Continue reading

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis is not America’s Problem

We are told that the Syrian refugees “stir the conscience” of the world; certainly not the Muslim world. The Saudis don’t want them. Jordan and Turkey have resentfully set up refugee camps without actually offering permanent legal status to them the way that Europe, Canada and America are expected to. Slovakia has announced that it will only take in Christian refugees and that’s the right thing to do. Christians are the real victims of this Muslim conflict. The vast majority of the refugees, many of whom aren’t even Syrians, aren’t. The rest of Europe should use Slovakia’s refugee policy as a model. Continue reading

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Beyond Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Testing the Resilience of the West

The EU’s recent history has allowed for easy migration over its nation’s borders. If, along with innocent war victims, the doors are also opened to those whose views pose a threat to the continent’s security, this is not a solution. It has been happening for years already, and, although some fear this migratory wave could be a well disguised Trojan horse, who is to say the gates of Troy have not already been forced open by steady and continuous integration of extremely differing worldviews? Continue reading

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The Current Refugee Crisis in Europe

Many people in Europe are asking what will happen if tens of millions of foreign refugees flood the continent? There are already a number of Muslim enclaves in Western Europe and most Muslims do not assimilate to the European culture. In fact, they challenge the European authorities by demanding the application of their own laws and customs. How much longer will Europe survive culturally and politically under such pressure? Continue reading

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