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Obama’s Multicultural America and the Transformation of an Exceptional Nation

There is nothing wrong with human rights, except that it misses out God. It was during a God-fearing era when John Paul II was pope and Ronald Reagan was president, when American society combined spirituality with morality and brought communism to its knees. Today, we should heed President Reagan’s warning: “When we will forget that we are a nation subordinated to God, we will simply become a subordinated nation.” Continue reading

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Holder’s Assault on State Election Laws

As the nationwide collapse of ObamaCare has earned the growing ire and mistrust of voters, the Obama administration is now seemingly trying to minimize the political fallout in upcoming elections with an audacious plan: challenging state efforts to curb voter fraud. Spearheading this effort is Attorney General Eric Holder and a Justice Department increasingly famous for playing hardball politics in court.

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Proposition 187: Arizona’s page from California’s illegal immigration playbook

The U.S. Senate’s current debate of federal immigration reform reminds Americans of just how long the problem of broken borders has bedeviled the nation. For the last two decades, the people of America’s four Mexican border states increasingly have lost confidence in the federal government and its ability and willingness to secure their southern border.

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Affirmative Action Times Two before the Supreme Court

Two cases currently before the U.S. Supreme Court will clarify where the high court stands on the constitutionality of racial preferences in college admissions. The result may be a green light for such programs—or, more likely, fresh new blows and a judicially hastened end for race-based practices in higher education and other government institutions.

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