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The Trump Phenomenon

The problem for candidates such as Trump, who is relying heavily on very conservative support, comes once the field narrows. After the campaign becomes a one-on-one race, the GOP establishment and liberal media join forces with the supermajority of somewhat conservative and moderate GOP voters to ensure the more moderate candidate wins. It is here where Trump may hit a wall, as have many before him. Continue reading

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Trade Promotion Authority Threatens U.S. Sovereignty, Jobs

Once again, Republicans caved to the will of a rogue, progressive president. To put the Republicans betrayal of the American people in context, Sessions notes, “The request for fast-track also comes at a time when the Administration has established a recurring pattern of sidestepping the law, the Congress, and the Constitution in order to repeal sovereign protections for U.S. workers in deference to favored financial and political allies.” – Senator Jeff Sessions Continue reading

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Obama’s New, International Military

Obama’s efforts to accommodate illegal immigrants have invited a torrent of illegal-immigrant youth to stream north to the U.S. border. A much quieter revolution has taken place inside the Pentagon. The president and his administration now will begin placing teenage illegal immigrants in America’s military and under arms.

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