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Like Trump and Brexit, AfD Showing in Germany Spells Bad Times for “Establishment”

With nearly 1 million refugees admitted to Germany last year alone and 220,000 asylum-seekers arriving since January 1 (according to Deutsche Welle News), the AfD is almost certain to be a major player in the 2017 national elections. Continue reading

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The “New Proletariat” – Melania Trump and left-wing hypocrisy on immigration

Since the mid-nineteenth century, Marxists have attempted to use the workers – the “proletariat” – and take advantage of their grievances to seize power. As time went by, however, workers increasingly rejected class warfare, prompting the embittered neo-Marxist left to seek new ersatz “proletariats” (such as immigrants and other minorities). Continue reading

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Western Civilization: Crisis of Confidence

We’re caught in an awful contradiction when we welcome into our midst members of a culture that accepts chattel slavery, the brutal subjugation of women, the murder of apostates, honor killings, murdering homosexuals, and killing those who insult their religion. Try to put yourself into the mind of a man who would murder his own daughter for being raped, daring to choose her own husband, or just getting uppity in public. Honor killings have come to Europe with Muslim immigrants, and lately to America. Continue reading

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Was March 13 The Start of Germany‘s “Trump Phenomenon?”

In many ways, the “AfD phenomenon” is increasingly likened to that of the “Trump Phenomenon” in the United States. Lacking a charismatic leader in the mold of Donald Trump, the AfD has nonetheless electrified voters with its hard-line on immigration and its persona as the movement opposed to the political “establishment.” According to Martin Klingst of Die Zeit, “The United Nations Human Rights Council says that there are already about 200,000 refugees waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Italy again and that more and more refugees will choose this dangerous route once the Balkan route is closed.” Continue reading

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Extinguishing Christianity from the Middle East

It is clear that the European refugee crisis is bringing to the surface inherent problems such as the difficulty of tracking migration and dealing with transnational crimes across open borders. It also raises the issue of the limitation of state sovereignty and the centralization of power. Arguably, the EU is unable to meet the needs of its culturally, politically and economically diverse nations. Such issues might prove a risk to EU unity. Post-Paris, it is obvious now the Middle East’s strife is no longer its own. Continue reading

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The Death of Europe: Is Paris the New Normal?

The European values that require Europe to commit suicide are about ideology, not language, culture or nationhood. But the incoming migrants don’t share that ideology. They have their own Islamic values. The Muslim migrants who are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe are supposed to keep its ramshackle collection of economic policies, its welfare states and social programs rolling along. But they’re more like a final solution. Continue reading

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