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Invasions and Evictions of the Ottoman Turks: From Jerusalem to the United States

Glancing at historical trends, it seems the West’s struggle with Turkey over the century has oscillated between Jerusalem, the greater Middle East, Europe, and the Native American tribal lands in the United States. During a time when the struggle over … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Presidential Putsch

One cannot help but think that the countermeasures were prepared well in advance. Either Erdoğan was prepared for the coup with extensive proscription lists or he staged a provocation himself so he could proceed with a presidential putsch. The government countermeasures appear too seamless, too well-thought out, and too professional. One way or another, the Turkish avatar of the Muslim Brotherhood is firmly in power. No wonder that Erdoğan referred to the military coup as “Allah-sent.” Perhaps he even helped Allah himself. Continue reading

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Russia’s Gift, Turkey’s Move

Moscow’s Vladimir Putin has resolved to send his energy to the European Union via Turkey. Ankara’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accepted for his own geopolitical reasons and for the benefit of the neo-Ottomanist project, an attempt to re-create Turkic political, social, economic, and cultural dominion in its former imperial space, space some Western observers who have judged that the Islamic democracy has thus been merely assigned the inconsequential role of a transit area.

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Turkey, where individual freedom meets censorship in the age of social media

In his visit to Ankara, Turkey on Monday, German President Joachim Gauck talking to reporters was critical of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for government moves to ban certain web sites. “Is it necessary to ban Twitter or YouTube?” he asked. “Does this really further democracy?”

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