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Texas Revolt Over Cibolo Private Toll Road Reveals Bridge to NAFTA Trade

Much of the U.S. portion of the NAFTA Superhighway, consisting of intercontinental infrastructure connecting Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, is already built, quietly financed by successive congressional appropriations over the years and there is no doubt the establishment is anxious … Continue reading

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Texas Ranchers Score Victory for Private Property Rights

Most landowners simply cannot continue a protracted legal fight to defend their private property rights, especially against the government – even a powerful state government agency. Through an amazing turn of events, the Grahams have. All Texans will have them … Continue reading

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Texas Attorney General Intervenes in Red River Land Dispute with the Feds

What’s at stake is the very sovereignty of the State of Texas itself. Without the ability to have its boundaries recognized and protected, the state cannot exist for long since there’s no telling where and when the encroachment will end if the BLM is allowed such a land grab of a state’s sovereign boundaries. Continue reading

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Texas Toll Roads, High Speed Rail and Private Property Rights

The Texas economy, called the ‘Texas miracle’ by politicians’ PR machine, cannot continue when many commuters are now facing $200-$400 monthly toll bills. The cost is so punitive, most Texans are being priced off the toll roads, which means they’re stuck in gridlock with longer and longer commutes, diminishing quality of life, and inhibiting the freedom of travel and the efficient movement of people and goods. Continue reading

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TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline: Under Cover of Darkness

We still don’t know the answer to that question, but a critical segment of the Keystone XL Pipeline is mighty close to conclusion. The map segment referred to as the “Gulf Coast Project” is nearly complete, as a finite pipeline capable of carrying Canadian oil sands from Hardisty, Alberta to Nederland, Texas.

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