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Poland: The Cabinet Reloaded

Since its victory in 2015, the domestic and foreign policy of the government have generated a great deal of grass roots support. If Law and Justice stays the course, and the economy continues to perform as well as it has, … Continue reading

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Will the Iranian Protests Unseat the Islamist Regime?

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley helped spread the message of the Iranian protesters by reading out many of the slogans/chants translated into English. Unfortunately, but predictably, both the Russians and the Western Europeans distanced themselves from the … Continue reading

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What the War Over Jerusalem is Really About

President Trump sent a message to the terrorists that America will not be terrorized. Previous administrations allowed the terrorists to decide where we put our embassy. When countries refuse to move their embassies to Jerusalem, they are submitting to Sharia … Continue reading

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Rival “Anti-Nationalists” March in Charlottesville

The street battle in Charlottesville pitted two enemies of American nationalism in a contest over which fringe group of dissidents – who all hate how the United States has reached its level of high civilization – will bring the country … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Visit to Poland: Cementing the U.S.-Poland Alliance and Endorsing the Three Seas Initiative

Not surprisingly, following President Trump’s visit to Warsaw, the Polish government declared that it is no longer concerned about the U.S. President’s perceived friendliness with Putin’s Russia. Although none of these facts are likely to affect Trump’s detractors and their … Continue reading

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Bombs and Ballots: Intelligence Betrayals Before British Elections

The prevailing atmosphere of Washington, DC, what President Trump calls “the swamp” runs deeper and wider than any have ever imagined. The dysfunctional intelligence community raising its ugly head is becoming the revenge of the swamp monster. In fact, people … Continue reading

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Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘Flip-Flops’: More Fake News

Trump did not campaign as an isolationist and thus cannot be charged with “flip flopping” because he is not acting like an isolationist in office. Both the original charge and its new twist are examples of “fake news” concocted by … Continue reading

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