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Political Correctness and the Bloody Hands of Manchester

The Manchester authorities were in the business of fighting Islamophobia. They made that their priority. Not only did they lie about the true threat, but they wasted resources that might have gone to stopping the attack. The blood of innocent … Continue reading

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Hashtags and Terrorism: A Story from the West

When the heart of Europe was first being hit by terrorism, people were shocked. Now, the shock is subsiding and empty promises of “we will survive” are taking its place. But we as law abiding citizens aren’t doing anything and … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Sense Out of the Alt-Right

“It’s not a coherent intellectual movement, but simply a refuge from the endless assault on ordinary people, who see their traditions, their customs, their ancestors, and their progeny being ground up in the meat grinder of technocratic managerialism. The alt-right … Continue reading

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Austin Voters Give Uber the Boot

Austin advocates of sustainable development policies advancing an anti-car agenda have systematically put up barriers to auto travel and elevated politically correct modes of travel like mass transit, walking and biking. They’ve removed 1,000 parking spaces from downtown Austin to make way for wider sidewalks, and they’ve converted lanes open to all cars into restricted bike and bus lanes. Now Austin is known for its aggressive cyclists, wasteful and scandal-ridden Metro system and congestion rather than an economic powerhouse and freedom-loving Texas city. Continue reading

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Europe’s Security Crisis: From Tolerance to Extremism

In light of all the chaos, one might say that the metaphoric battle of civilizations has reached European soil. But such a statement would be false. There is no battle, as a battle involves two or more sides actively engaged. The only active side in this story is the radicalized, anything but tolerant, threat of Islamic terror, which is ripping into the heart of Europe and putting people of all nations and religions in danger. The other side is the passive European continent, trying to cope with the philosophy of tolerance and to figure out what it may and may not say and do. Europe sleeps and extremists recruit. No, this is no battle. It is suicide. Continue reading

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Collaborators: Understanding Trump’s Rebellion

Is Trump a true conservative convert in the tradition of Reagan? Time and elections will tell. What is clear is that, in the words of one disgusted conservative, voting for Trump is a “Hail Mary” pass many conservatives are quite willing to make given the lateness of the hour. Meanwhile, the usual alliance of liberal activists and collaborator attorneys and powerbrokers already is talking of impeaching Trump should he be elected president. This should surprise nobody, especially those who must daily wage guerrilla battles simply to preserve the right to remain a conservative. Continue reading

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Is religious liberty turning into anti-religious despotism in America?

From the disappearance of nativity scenes across the country to demanding the exclusion of the word “God” in the pledge of allegiance, to banning prayer in public schools, and removing plaques of the ten commandments from courthouses and schools around the nation…

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Free speech – a dying right

Despite the fact that it is considered an exemplar of democracy throughout the world, the United States is dealing with many issues which seem to increasingly restrict its citizens’ freedoms. One of these is free speech. Can the U.S., a country in the throes of extreme political correctness, still think of itself as a bastion of free speech protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, or is it now only allowed to listen to a few biased opinions of people who fit into the mold of what a 21st century citizen should be like?

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Radicalization in America

Terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing can occur anywhere. In the interest of their own preservation, Americans must wake up, get their heads out of the sand and be sufficiently alarmed at the calm, controlled, cold bloodedness of murderers such as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Never forget how he returned to school and mingled after committing such an atrocity.

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