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P5+1 Iran Deal Reduces American Influence

The United States and Iran are not morally equivalent; we do not share the same creed, vision for the world, or idea of liberty and justice. The U.S. initiates violence only to defend the lives of its citizens or liberate people from tyranny. Tehran’s theocracy initiates violence to further expand its reach with an end goal of establishing a global caliphate under the banner of radical Shia Islam. The U.S. is a liberating force, while the Islamic Republic of Iran is a conquering one. Continue reading

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Netanyahu to U.S. Jews: The time is now to “speak up” about Iran

Jerusalem, Israel – In a rousing speech to attendees at the annual General Assembly meeting of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNAGA), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his audience Sunday evening that Iran was an “historical killer,” that cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. The Jewish Federations of North America represent 153 Jewish communities in North America. Netanyahu pleaded with those in attendance to speak up now about Iran because time is running out to stop their nuclear program.

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