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“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”: Obama, Syria, and Islamism

Apart from the loss of life and destruction, one of the tragedies of the Syraq war is that the Obama-led U.S. has pulled into the conflict on the side of the Sunni supremacists and Brotherhood-affiliates posing as freedom fighters. In this case, we must learn to think in terms of sober Realpolitik, and to acknowledge that ISIS toppling Assad is not in the U.S. interest. Continue reading

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Republican Primary Lesson: It’s Not About You

The existential threat to America today is not communism but colonization by illegal aliens and Muslim “refugees.” Political correctness subverts our First Amendment rights and shuts down even discussions about the threats to the middle class. Continue reading

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Terror Immigration to America Must Stop

The United States of America faces a simple choice. We can fill our towns and cities with populations from terror zones and then act surprised when they kill us, or we can shut the doors on them. The Americans they murdered would be alive today if we had a pro-American immigration policy. We can end the bombings and the shootings. We can get rid of the TSA and the NSA. All we need is an immigration policy that puts the safety and security of Americans first. Continue reading

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